Friday, November 8, 2013

{Review} A Door I'll Never Enter by H.C. Turk

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Book Summary:
(Taken from Goodreads)

A cross-genre literary novel of contemporary fantasy, magic realism, and jaw-dropping hilarity, A DOOR I’LL NEVER ENTER follows the adventures of Bill, Jane, Dan, and their interstellar comet (disguised as a watermelon) as they travel from kitchen sink to cannibal canoe in search of a Leprechaun’s pot of FAIL. Finding friendship on the way, they learn that failure might be best when the goal is ultimate destruction.

Kathy's Review:

You know when someone starts telling you about their dream and for a while you’re kind of entertained, especially if you’re in the dream, but then you just want them to stop talking about it? Yeah, that’s this book in a nutshell.

This isn’t really a story as much as it is a journey from one nonsensical scene to the next, following protagonist Jane, a man she meets at the grocery store named Bill, a leprechaun named Dan and last but not least, a watermelon with a mind of its own.

This book might make sense if you get really, REALLY high and then try to read it. Maybe. I am not willing to try it to find out. (That’s a door I’ll never enter, to quote the title of this book.) Or, maybe if you are some kind of smart that’s not even on the same plane of existence as I am - maybe it makes sense to those people. To me, the average reader, it’s a jumbled, hot mess.

*An ecopy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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