Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{Review} Fire the Sky - Book Two of Contact: The Battle for America by W. Michael Gear & Kathleen O'Neal Gear

ISBN #: 978-1439153925
Page Count: 576
Copyright: August 30, 2011
Publisher: Pocket Books

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

Northern Florida, 1540: Exiled trader Black Shell and his wife, Pearl Hand, have witnessed the slaughter perpetrated by Hernando de Soto's armored invaders. If his people are to survive, Black Shell and his small band of fierce warriors must kill as many Kristianos as they can. De Soto has changed his tactics, employing promises of peace. But in spite of the price on his head, Black Shell races to alert the high rulers of his people as the Spaniard moves northward, lured by a promise of gold and aided by an arrogant princess's treachery. One by one, the ancient Nations fall victim to his lies, while Black Shell's warnings go ignored - culminating in a terrifying and bloody battle that will leave a once proud city in ruins.

Mandy's Review:

In Coming of the Storm, we were introduced to the Native American Indians' fight against the threat to their world: Hernando de Soto. Black Shell realized that the newcomers' ideas of gods and the afterlife were hugely different from the Indians'. Sadly, to the detriment of thousands of warriors, Black Shell also realized that De Soto's military tactics were much stronger than anything he had seen before.

Being Horned Serpent's servant, Black Shell is tasked with notifying the Indian nations of the newcomers' threat. Because the Indians had never experienced an alternate deity or way of living, Black Shell has a difficult time convincing the Indian nations to take De Soto as a serious threat. The high mikkos of many of the nations believe that if they cooperate with the Kristianos then all will be well.

Fire the Sky is the continuing story of Black Shell trying to unite the Indian nations together in order to fight against the Kristianos. Unfortunately, he realizes how hard-headed and stubborn his people really are. Many of them agree to assist the Kristianos often to their own detriment. While it saddens Black Shell to see his people come to ruins at the hand of the Kristianos, he also realizes that it's the Indian nations' own doing by not listening to him.

Eventually, Black Shell does come across an Indian leader who listens and who understands ... but is it too late? Can they finally defeat the Kristianos and kill their leader, Hernando de Soto?

What I love about this series is the rich detail of the Native Americans' struggle. I get easily lost in the story as I read it. The side story between Black Shell and Pearl Hand, along with their respective back-stories, is a wonderful addition that enhances the "flavor" of these novels.

I promise: If you enjoy period novels based in historical fact, you will not go wrong by reading this series.

*A paperback copy of this novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. When I firt saw the cover, I thought it is an Egyption story or some kinf of Paraoh story. But after reading your review, I realized that I was so wrong. However, to get to know the story of the native American is good for reader like who just know the modern American. =)

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  2. After reading your comment and taking a second look at the cover, I can see how you'd think the people look Egyptian. I never realized that until now. =)


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