Friday, January 18, 2013

{Review} Cooper Moon: The Calling by Cheryl Shireman

ISBN #: 978-1478153658
Page Count: 360
Copyright: July 18, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

(Taken from back cover)

Cooper Moon, a handsome womanizer, has just found God under some unusual circumstances. Cooper is the last person one might expect to experience such a conversion, and no one is more skeptical of this sudden turn of events than Cooper's wife, Sally.

He has also decided to build a church. He faces a few obstacles. He has never read the Bible, he has no money, and he has a well-deserved reputation as a slacker. Throw in a couple of scheming women who aren't ready to five up sleeping with Cooper, a jealous husband with a grudge, and things begin to get complicated.

Filled with a cast of characters you are sure to love (and hate!), Cooper Moon: The Calling is a story of love, faith, determination, dreams, sin, lust, hope, revenge, and despair - just like real life.

Charlene's Review:

Cooper Moon has a history of infidelity. A night out at the bar turns into a spiritual awakening for Cooper, but no one, least of all his wife and mistresses, believe him. He remains determined to change his ways and build a church. The biggest problem? Cooper knows nothing about the Bible, and has no money. Add to that the women chasing him and a disgruntled husband wanting revenge, and Cooper has his hands full.

From the very first paragraph I knew I would enjoy Ms. Shireman's writing style. She starts out on a rather sarcastic, humorous note, and before long I was a true fan. Cooper is the most absurd religious convert you could imagine, but as he held his ground, I came to admire his backwards, oft sabotaged attempts at redemption. Ms. Shireman solidly grounds her characters with sincerity and strong personality. There was not a character described that I didn't feel I knew personally by the end of the book.

If the basis of this particular first book about Cooper's religious transition, and his building of a church, offset you, I promise, while staying true to the Bible and quoting verses, the "preachy" aspects are subtle. I see it as an "Inspirational Fiction" (my favorite genre) and yet, with all the other things going on, it is so much more. I cannot give it enough good press. Love, love, love it!

The way the subplots and stories running amidst the "main" storyline never once detracted and made me wonder how these stories will emerge in future books. This being the first in a series, I am determined to find out. I was sorry to turn to the last page, and Ms. Shireman did a good job of making me want for more. I liken it to a television finale right before commercial, and "tune in next season ..." I don't want to wait to see what happens next in Cooper Moon's life, or the lives of his townspeople in Timber Lake. I will be reading more from this author.

5 out of 5 stars!

*A paperback copy of this novel was provided by the Marketing Manager for Cheryl Shireman in exchange for an honest review.

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