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{Review} The Dump by Peppe Arninge

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Book Summary:
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The Dump is a photo book about some of the most silent and abused people in the world. They are the unfortunate, who have been forced to spend their lives on and around the notorious Cambodian garbage dumps. It is a journey along a road of poverty, humiliation and oceans of tears with no end and no apparent hope for the future. This book is also a tribute to the most persistent people on earth, who refuse to give up the only thing they have - their pride as human beings.

After decades of an extremely brutal domestic war, Cambodia today is a fragile, tropical paradise with incomprehensible corruption and a total lack of human rights. For a large group, "being Cambodian" doesn't mean that you're a part of something bigger. It mean that you're a part of a mental and physical holocaust that never ceases.

Mandy's Review:

With Christmas right around the corner and everyone buying expensive gifts to appease their semi-spoiled children, I thought it was time to take a look at some hard truth. Literally.

Peppe Arninge took photos of children and adults in Cambodia who work in the dumps. The conditions these people work and live in are deplorable. The majority of them live off of $0.75 US a day. A DAY!!! How horrible! Yes, there are grants and fundraisers for places like this, but the majority of those funds line the government officials pockets and bank accounts. The funds do not go for the citizens who live in the toxic lands of their home.

The Dump is a sad, eye-opening photographic portrayal of a place most people never think about. We're so busy with our over-filled lives that we don't even consider someone in another country who may not even have shoes to wear to the dumps they work in (and we think our jobs are bad in our nice offices). So as you open your iPads, laptops, and flatscreen televisions this Christmas season, how about saying a prayer for those less fortunate than yourself?

*An ecopy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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