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{Review} Broken Christmas by David Henderson

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Copyright: October 7, 2012
Publisher: Pope, Harrington & Castro Press (1.1 Edition)

Book Summary:
(Taken from Amazon)

Broken Christmas is a compilation of three short stories about Christmas.

In the first, "Fourth Wish," a skid row resident finds himself leading a trio of privileged but neglected youths on Christmas Eve. Through their journey the homeless man fulfills their Christmas wishes, showing that sometimes those who need help the most are the ones who help others the greatest.

The second; "Best Christmas Ever," is an eight year old's "glass half full" remembrance of a Christmas Eve his parents would rather forget.

The third story, "Broken Christmas" tells of a soldier who leaves the frozen battlefield behind and goes home for Christmas via his dreams.

Mandy's Review:

Every situation you encounter is all about your perception of it. The same is true with these stories.

In the first, a homeless man is leading three young boys around the city giving them Christmas presents. Any person who saw them would think dirty thoughts about the old man. To the boys, they were having the times of their lives! To the homeless man, he finally felt useful and needed.

The second story showed the adults as annoyed, manipulative, and deceitful. To the little boy remembering this Christmas, it was the most exciting one he'd ever had! New puppies, seeing his uncle home from "Australia," finding out he's going to be an uncle himself, and seeing fireworks going off across the street at his neighbor's house.

The final story was sad and I had a difficult time trying to find the positive feeling in its words. The soldier did go him via his dreams, but I still thought it sad that he wasn't able to go home at all.

Although short, these stories are enjoyable to read. I would like to see the first story expanded to include how the man became homeless (a more in-depth telling of it, maybe) and what happened to him after he returned the children. The other two stories were the perfect length.

Add this book to your holiday collection if you're looking for a quick read.

*An ecopy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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