Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mandy Reviews: Ella's Coffee by Tony Pritchard

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Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Tony Pritchard

(Taken from Amazon)

These stories are short blasts of comedy and tragedy, written to raise the spirits of anyone needing a quick lift.

Mandy's Review:

These stories were extremely quick reads. I've had them read for over a week now, but haven't written my review because I've been going over and over this work in my mind. I am torn.

Before I get to why I'm torn, let me describe the work to you a little bit. Ella's Coffee actually encases two very short stories ... glimpses, really ... into the lives of two different women. 

The first story is Ella's Coffee and is about a woman going on a blind date with a man she met through the Internet.

The second story is Adrift and is about a woman sure her marriage has fallen apart now that their child has left for college.

Now, to explain why I'm torn... The reviewer in me says that these stories are life-like, realistic and could be any woman you meet. They're well-written and descriptive enough that you feel the settings and people are familiar to you. So, in this respect, job well done Mr. Pritchard.

The OTHER side of me, the woman, is divided as well!!!

Womanly side A is offended that the female characters in both stories seem to exude a sense of insecurity. I know all woman do not portray a confident persona, but I like to think we do. Maybe I'm becoming feminist as I grow older ...

Womanly side B cheers the endings of these stories. I'm not going to tell you how they end, but I did enjoy them.

Are you now as confused as I am? Then I am in good company!

I must say, though, this review is not what I had written originally to post. However, the more I thought about these stories ... well ... this is its end result. So, Mr. Pritchard, I'm not sure where the comedy comes in at, but kudos for confusing the hell out of me. Not many writers can do that and still have me enjoy their stories! =)

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