Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Tour: Queen Vernita Visits the Islands of Enchantment by Dawn Menge

Welcome to Dawn Menge's Queen Vernita Visits the Islands of Enchantment book tour, hosted by Pump Up Your Books!

ISBN #: 978-1432773120
Page Count: 34
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Outskirts Press

Book Summary:

Queen Vernita continues her adventures as she explores the Islands of Enchantment with Jeff the Sea Captain and Carrie the Enchantress. They and their 12 wonderful friends learn about sharks, eels, fish, swim with dolphins and manta rays and inside lava tubes. Come and enjoy her newest adventures.

About the Author:

Dawn Menge has a Masters Degree and clear credential in Special Education. She has worked with the severely handicapped population for eleven years. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She combines imagination with practical skills to make learning fun. Dawn used her experiences within her life to create Queen Vernita's characters and her kingdom.

Mandy's Review:

Combine vibrant child-friendly pictures with Discovery Kids and a vivid imagination and you have Dawn Menge's Queen Vernita Visits the Islands of Enchantment.

Queen Vernita graciously allows twelve friends to come stay with her at the Islands of Enchantments one month at a time beginning in January. Each friend experiences a different part of the Islands, while gaining knowledge about the nature and natural processes of that part of the Island. I know this book is geared towards children, but, while reading it, even I learned some things I never knew.

For example, did you know that the waste a parrotfish creates from the skeleton of the corral it eats creates sand? And that one single parrotfish can generate up to five tons of sand within a year? I never knew that.

I would highly recommend this book to parents who have children interested in science, nature, how things work, etc. It is a very informative book with colorful pictures to help maintain a child's interest.

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