Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Straight Up by Rachel A. Frias

ISBN#: 978-1456723910
Page Count: 128
Copyright: 2011

Book Excerpts:
(Taken from back cover)

The intention behind writing this superb collection of short stories is to entertain the quick reader…

In “The Chic Collection” Jonathan becomes Gus and finds out what Gus wanted to do with fifty seven brassieres before being arrested. “Ambrosia’s Starter” reveals a mechanic’s cold metal world. Josephina in “Whisk Away” is vengeful of men because of her overweight and lesbian condition. Nathaniel becomes anal retentive in “The Cornered Paycheck” not telling anyone of his experiences with his new armoire. Generals betray each other in “The General’s Apple”.

Charlene's Review:

Straight Up is definitely not in my usual genre. A compilation of quick reads, I thought “why not?” I’m fairly open-minded and dove in right away. And then, attempted to struggle through the remainder.

Described to me as “paranormal fiction/fantasy/mystery” seems to be painting a pretty rosy picture. I would describe it as “dark, twisted, and slightly unintelligible”. I think of myself as a well educated person, but some of these stories left me completely lost. Perhaps, that was the point?
Definitely geared for “grown-ups”, Straight Up has heavily erotic themes, murder, and madness at its core. To be fair, there is a large share of people who might find this entertaining. I am not one of them.

The back cover suggests, “Straight Up has an element of reality since these short stories could occur in our community”. That may be the scariest quote of the book. Ms. Frias has a definite ability for writing. Structure and form are sound. Her stories are not. I tried, I really did. Not a fan. =(

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