Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Space Rats by Jacqueline Kirk

ISBN #: 978-1461062035
Page Count: 188
Copyright: 2011

Book Summary:

Troy and his brother long to be back among the stars in their spaceship Star Chaser after crash landing on the planet of Goramir. They decide to escape and find their way home, accompanied by four of their friends. The little crew encounter aliens; visit a Space Station and stop an attack by the dreaded pirate Red Raven – the criminal who caused them to crash land in the first place!

Charlene's Review:

After surviving an attack on their spaceship, which killed their parents, Troy and Tristan find themselves at the The Home for Displaced Children. Tristan rebuilds their ship and, along with 4 of their new friends from the Home, they set out to return to their home planet. Along the way, however, they realize that they are being followed by the very man that killed their parents. A stop at a space station prepares them for the task ahead: to stop Red Raven from attacking a merchant cargo line, and free them from the space pirate, once and for all.

Classified by the author as a children's science fiction novel for the 8+ age range, I still found it an enjoyable read. Tristan, Troy, and their friends, Krista, Ziggy, Lena, and Orla are a group of characters that you cant help but like. All alone for their own reasons, they bond together and make a formidable group, and also a lesson on what family means, related or not. Action, adventure, sci-fi creatures, and a little mystery all combined. I especially look forward to further adventures to see what Orla, a kind of quiet hero, is truly all about.

An easy read, simply worded , but don’t count it out as a “rising star” in children’s fiction.

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