Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review & Giveaway: Dark Muse by BrokenSword

ISBN #: 9-780615196312
Page Count: 622
Publisher: GreenDragon Publishing
Copyright: 2008

About the Author:

I really didn't find any bio info on the web or on the back cover of Dark Muse.  So, to learn more about this web-reclusive author, I requested an interview ... which he graciously accepted.  Click here to learn more about the author, BrokenSword.

(Interview has been removed by the blog's owner)

(Taken from back cover)

Jason, a miller from 18th Century Carolina, seeks to escape a loveless marriage while on an Atlantic voyage to Italy, aboard a ship whose captain hides a pirate past.  As he watches his wedding ring disappear beneath the waves, he's chosen to alter his path.  Within his yearning to find true love, is a hidden passion for rhyme and verse.  Taking strength from his words, he builds relationships with others onboard who share his passionate nature, including a supernaturual muse who shapes his words and ideas, and ultimately, the truths he finds within himself.

When his poetry becomes more than a connection between himself and his emotions, Jason finds the opportunity for love that he seeks.  But another has already claimed him.  Exotic and erotic, the Dark Muse clings to his senses, forming the kiss on his lips.

Immortal, Leanan Sidhe is a Queen of the Fae, and daughter of the Sea Gods.  As Jason holds a hand out to the love he's been seeking, as lust crashes like Atlantic waves on the rock of his soul, his experiences with both will be defined in terms of betrayal...


Poetry is something that runs in my family.  It's something that I, myself, have written many times.  Although, I feel that I am simply an artist and not a craftsman (explanation of differences to be found inside Dark Muse).  Even still, I wanted to love this book for the poetic foundation it was built on.  Sadly, I did not.  Now, don't get me wrong ... I did enjoy the book, but I did not fall in love with it as I had hoped.

For one thing, the cover of the book is a little ... lackluster.  I would have liked to see a little interaction between the two characters on the cover... a little sexual tension, a little heat ... a visual preview of what was in store in between the covers ... of the book, that is.  =)

I did feel bad for Jason.  He was locked inside of a loveless marriage.  All he wanted was to love and be loved.  He would've gladly poured out his affection on his wife, but she was the type to find excuse after excuse as to why she would not, or could not, fulfill her 'wifely duties.'  After quite a few months of being told 'no,'  what else would a virile man do but find someone else?

It's then that Jason meets a lady on the ship he falls in love with.  It's also around this time that his Dark Muse comes to him and makes herself known to him.

I'm not going to tell you what happens (I don't want to ruin the story for you), but I will say that there were incidents, reveals and happenings in the story that I didn't expect.  Some were a pleasant surprise, while others were disappointing.  Of course, that makes a good story doesn't it ... Ones that draw you in, make you think, reveal the unexpected and cause you to feel a wide range of emotions?  If this, and the fact that there is a happy ending (slight spoiler, I know), intrigues you then you'll enjoy this book.  =)


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