Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Charlene Reviews - An Inconvenient Amish Zombie Left Behind the Da Vinci Diet Code Truth by Tom Smucker

ISBN #: 978-1461177746
Page Count: 344
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace


Goya? Bad Diets? Mud Hens? The Rapture? The War of 1812? Global Warming? Political Conspiracy? Violence on USA borders? The lost history of Soft Rock?

Follow the non-stop action from the museums and cafes of Paris to the fast food rest stops and motels on the highways of Ohio, as past and future collide to create an apocalyptical present where people from all walks of life are pulled into a conflict that will determine the fate of the planet.

Charlene's Review:

An Inconvenient Amish Zombie Left Behind the Da Vinci Diet Code Truth features many characters of equal importance, all perched at the edge of a world-wide phenomenon. To even attempt to describe this book would take half of the fun out of it. The best I can do is say that it is a tilt-a-whirl of patriotic, religious, pop culture, satirical craziness! Interspersed throughout are historical tidbits, which give this an educational value, but I truly enjoyed it for the intelligence and humor. Mr. Smucker left very few cultural/hot button issues untouched. Confusing, entertaining, educational, and disturbing - what more could you want in a book?? Absolutely its own genre. Loved it!

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