Sunday, September 10, 2017

{Review} WHERE THE LIGHT FALLS by Allison Pataki and Owen Pataki

ISBN #: 978-0399591686
Page Count: 384
Release Date: July 11, 2017
Publisher: The Dial Press

Goodreads Summary:

From the courtrooms to the battlefields to the alleyways of Paris, with cameos from infamous figures in French history, the Patakis have crafted an epic, action-packed novel of the French Revolution as it has never been seen before. Three years after the storming of the Bastille, Paris is enlivened with the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. The monarchy has been dismantled and a new nation, for the people, is rising up in its place. Jean-Luc, a young optimistic lawyer, moves his wife, Marie, and their son to Paris, inspired by a sense of duty to contribute to the new order. André, the son of a former nobleman, flees his privileged past to fight in the unified French Army with his roguish brother. Sophie, a beautiful young aristocratic widow and niece of a powerful, vindictive uncle, embarks on her own fight for independence.

Underneath the glimmer of hope and freedom, chaos threatens to undo all the progress of the revolution and the lives of these compatriots become inextricably linked. As the demand for justice breeds instability, creates enemies out of compatriots, and fuels a constant thirst for blood in the streets, Jean-Luc, Andre, and Sophie are forced to question the sacrifices made for the revolution. Liberty proves a fragile, fleeting ideal, and survival seems less and less likely—both for these unforgettable individuals, and indeed for the new nation itself.

Mandy's Review:

This was definitely an interesting, action-filled novel covering the French Revolution. As with all revolutions, it began with the people feeling oppressed and wanting to break free from their rulers. Getting what they want didn't wind up as great as they thought. Oh, it took a while for them to realize that of course, but realize it they did. Whenever a group of people appear to be floundering around with no direction, a leader or group of leaders will emerge. Add that to the zealousness of the people and you have the makings of chaos.

The novel flips between focusing on Jean-Luc and his family and Andre and his family, so we get to know both men pretty well. They're both fighting for the revolution but get caught up in the zealousness of the men desiring to be leaders of the revolution causing them to join forces and fight together. I liked both men. They were noble and had a sense of morality that they didn't back away from.

Overall, WHERE THE LIGHT FALLS was well-written and entertaining. I will admit that I grew tired of reading it towards the end because it seemed to drag out a little bit. Despite that, I would recommend this novel to history buffs and those who are drawn to the French Revolution.

*A hardcopy of this novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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