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{Review} WINTER by Reece Ran

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Copyright: October 7, 2012
Publisher: Reece Ran; 2nd Edition

Book Description:
(Taken from Amazon)

Ex-marine, Zimmery Mac returns to his loving family in Pennsylvania, just in time before the season of winter. He reunites with his wife, his two sons and his little daughter Lane. But things go horribly wrong when Lane turns up missing. Zimmery embarks on a journey to save her. The only drawback is, every winter, the snow comes to life and devours all who disturb it. Zimmery must find a way to watch his step and watch his back in this exciting but bone chilling novel.

Lupe's Review:

Ok. This review is much harder for me to give than most others. This book was just NOT my cup of tea. I think it had potential. There is just so much going on in this book, however, that I could not concentrate on just one plot point. That being said, one plot point in particular, made my blood boil, if only because NO WHERE in the synopsis of the book does it say ANYTHING about Neo-Nazi's being there. At. ALL. There was overt and covert racism that took the book from mediocre to poor in just a few words. Now, I'm all for literary racism when needed; let's say, if the book is set in the 1800's or the 1960's or something like that. But this is set in 2049-2050. And no where does the book give ANY indication that it was going to go in that direction until it goes there, and goes there hard. I almost put the book down, unfinished. I only finished this book because I had finally figured out how to get it to download on my Kindle and wanted to see it through.

The other thing that really made me angry was the lack of a conclusion. I even read the story within a story after and STILL couldn't figure out what the heck was meant to have happened at the end.

It was just an unfinished end to an poorly structured novel. Too many plots, too many unexpected "twists" that made no logistical sense and the racism. I just couldn't handle it.

*An ebook was provided by the author for an honest review.

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