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{Blog Tour Review & Giveaway} ALL THE BUTTERFLIES IN THE WORLD by Rodney Jones

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Copyright: October 28, 2014
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC

Book Description:

With her senior year looming, Tess McKinnon has two goals: hanging out with her best friend, Liz, and avoiding her judgmental, alcoholic mother. Then yummy John Bartley arrives—to tell Mrs. McKinnon that her daughter is dead. Distinctly still alive, Tess is baffled by John’s tales of 1800s time travel, rewritten lives, and love. She knows she’s never seen him before, but her feelings refuse to be denied.

When Tess and John discover an aged newspaper clipping that indicates John’s uncle was hanged for Tess’s murder in 1875, John decides to return to his time to save his uncle’s life. Not really sure she even believes in this time travel stuff, Tess checks the article after John leaves. The words have changed, and she is horrified to find that John has been hanged instead.

Armed with determination and modern ingenuity, Tess must abandon her past and risk her future for a chance to catch her own killer and find her first love for the second time.

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About the Author:

While a past resident of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, New York, and Vermont, Rodney now resides in Indiana, where he whiles away his days pecking at a laptop, riding his ten-speed up the Cardinal Greenway, taking long walks with his daughter, or backpacking and wilderness camping.

His list of past occupations reads like his list of past residences, though his life-long ambition was to be an artist until he discovered a latent affinity for writing.

“In art,” Rodney says, “I was constantly being asked to explain images constructed from a palette of emotions and ideas, which usually required complex narratives to convey their meaning, if there even was a meaning. In writing, the words are creating the images, images are telling a story, the story is evoking feelings. I like it. There’s nothing to explain.”

Rodney’s interests include: art, science, politics, whiskey and chocolate, music (collecting vinyl records), gardening, and travel.

Mandy's Review:

Have you ever watched the movie 'The Butterfly Effect' with Ashton Kutcher? If you haven't, it was about a guy who could travel back in time to change something negative from his past. That proverbial drop of water emitted rings of change that rippled throughout time affecting the present Ashton returned to after his trip. Sometimes the changes were good, sometimes they were bad. All the Butterflies in the World references 'The Butterfly Effect' and it's a fairly safe comparison.

At the beginning, John's back in 2009 to tell Tess' mom that Tess died in 1875. What he finds, however, is that he has somehow traveled back in time to the very first encounter he ever had with Tess. As he stands there flabbergasted, he realizes Tess has no memories of their previous meeting and he has to win her heart all over again. During the process, they discover an old newspaper article stating John's uncle was hanged for Tess' death. Shocked by lies, John is determined to head back to 1875 to clear his uncle's name ... getting himself arrested for Tess' death in the process.

After John leaves, Tess realizes how she really feels about John. Liz picks up on her feelings and Tess confesses to the time travel aspect of Tess and John's relationship. Understandably unbelieving, Liz needs convincing. Tess takes her to the museum that has the newspaper article of John's uncle's hanging. Because of John's trip back to 1875, the newspaper article has changed to show that John was hung over Tess' death instead. Now determined to rescue John and his uncle, Tess makes a plan to travel back to 1875 ... with the intentions of never coming back to 2009.

All the Butterflies in the World could probably be read as a standalone novel, but I would really recommend reading the first novel, The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains, beforehand. It introduces a lot of the characters you'll read in this one and give you a better understanding of who they are and the time they live in.

I really, really enjoyed this novel. It did take me a few chapters to get into the groove of it, but that was probably because I have so much going on right now. What I love about this storyline is that Rodney leaves a twist at the end so you are left eagerly anticipating the next novel. Fortunately, I had All the Butterflies in the World when I finished the first one, so I didn't have to wait long. Not so with this one. I am now left wondering what's going to happen in book three. It almost seems like Tess and John's story is finished, but I don't think it is. I believe we'll see them again as supporting characters in the next novel. Who's going to take center stage? Well, now what kind of reviewer would I be if I told you everything that happened? I recommend you picking up The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains as well as All the Butterflies in the World to see for yourself. I think you'll enjoy them as much as I did.


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