Tuesday, August 19, 2014

{Review} LUMPINI PARK by Ty Hutchinson

ISBN #: 978-1496084873
Page Count: 334
Copyright: April 9, 2014
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Book Description:
(Taken from back cover)

Winning means killing.

Sickos around the world are playing a deadly game, and the body count is climbing.

In the second book of the thrilling Chasing Chinatown trilogy, FBI agent Abby Kane hunts the man behind the sadistic challenges the only way she knows how: by playing the game and moving up the bloody leaderboard herself.

Abby arrives in Bangkok, Thailand, where she discovers a killer is already roaming the Big Mango looking for his next grand kill to win the game. As Abby is pulled further into the world of deadly play, the dynamics of the game suddenly change. Out of her jurisdiction and unsure of who she can trust, Abby is faced with two choices: walk away or die.

Charlene's Review:

In the Chasing Chinatown second installment, Abby may have shut down the killer in San Francisco, but the online killing game is still going on around the world. Haven taken on the identity of the original players, Abby and her partner, Kyle Kang, decide to continue the staged killings to try to hunt down the mastermind. Next stop: Bangkok.

This being the seventh book I have reviewed for Mr. Hutchinson, I will first say, I may be biased. I am a fan of his dark, twisted, hilariously sarcastic writing. One of my favorite parts of this book had nothing to do with the actual storyline but referenced "leaping lizards." Just a small clue as to how his mind works.

Abby, balancing a demanding job and a family, is a seasoned veteran of Mr. Hutchinson. Readers are given a plethora of information about the characters, which helps to identify with them throughout the story, and makes the action more personal. Each character is given thorough attention and separate personalities. Most every story also revolves around food. Although, after this book, I may never feel the draw to try some tam.

Once again, Mr. Hutchinson’s ability to maim and kill takes on a disturbing and creative twist.

Never the same injuries, which is either brilliant, or frightening. Either way, I am hooked on this series, and am waiting, impatiently, to see where Abby goes next. The very last page heightens the suspense to new levels. Now, to wait for the next one...

5 out of 5 stars!

*A physical copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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