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ISBN #: 978-1771230476
Page Count: 186
Copyright: October 1, 2013
Publisher: General Store Publishing House; First Edition

(Taken from back cover)

Eight diverse characters, related by marriage and often traveling together, visit multiple locales across the globe by every means of transportation available.

The hilarious stories that arise in this romp around the world feature amateur mind control, mirrored hotel room walls, a 1957 Chevy with holes in the floor, an explosion of ladies’ lingerie, sketchy starfish, topless beaches, Bo Derek’s doppleganger, synchronized pill popping, psychological bar fights, thieving baboons, and sexy giraffes.

And the humor is perfectly balanced by Barry Finlay’s philanthropic heart, which beats strong through each journey.

Charlene's Review:

I Guess We Missed The Boat begins with the acknowledgment of being a "mostly true travel memoir." Following Mr. Finlay’s lust for travel, the characters in the story bring fun to the dysfunction of travel. Each chapter is sectioned by form of travel, such as vehicle, boat, etc. Highlighting the joys of seeing glamorous sights to the not-so-glamorous motels, there is a little bit for every level of traveler to identify with.

Every chapter is short and sweet and would be a good companion for your own travel reading pleasure. Nothing deep and meaningful within these pages, just an obvious zest for seeing the world. Insightful stories regarding the people and places visited are interspersed with humor and patience. I Guess We Missed The Boat is a delightful, light read that will leaving you yearning for your own adventure.

*A paperback copy was provided by the author's publicist in exchange for an honest review.

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