Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{Review} THE HERO'S COMPANION (Tallent & Lowery: Book Three) by Amy Lignor

ISBN #: 978-0615907161
Page Count: 278
Copyright: October 18, 2013
Publisher: Suspense Publishing

(Taken from back cover)

Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery have seen it all. From walking the halls of an eerie house that held clues to one of the biggest puzzles in history; to going up against literal madmen in order to save a relic that could alter the world, the Tallent and Lowery team have had to utilize everything they had to survive.

Now . . . Leah’s father has gone missing. They have only seven days before he will be killed, and the only clue to follow is a picture of one of the most famous icons of all time. Heading to her hometown, Leah begins her search for anything that will point her in the right direction. But all she finds is a mother who has fallen apart, talking about things that Leah doesn’t understand. Discovering a strange map stuck to the bottom of her father’s desk, Leah and Gareth are joined by a young woman who has a secret all her own. Teaming up, the trio must solve this new mystery that will take them from the pinnacle of the Acropolis to the depths of Cleopatra’s caves in order to unmask the man who has a definite score to settle.

This frightening adversary will do his best to capture Leah and take her far away from the protection and love of Gareth. In a location that’s been buried under rock and dirt for centuries the battle will begin, and the team will have to face the one foe that will expose secrets and unleash unheard of power in order to get what he wants. As it was with the mighty Athena, Leah is seen as ‘The Hero’s Companion’—the one woman who will do anything to make sure the right side wins. But without Gareth, her time may just run out.

Charlene's Review:

In Book Three, Leah’s father has been kidnapped and she and Gareth have only 7 days to follow a mysterious map to find the clues to save his life. Once again, in a race against time, spanning continents, Leah and Gareth must face evil, and align themselves with the mythical Athena in order to survive and to keep the powerful secrets away from the enemy.

Ms. Lignor’s masterful blend of history, mystery, romance, and religion continue to hold me captive. Always fast-paced, it is easy to get caught up in this series. As well as using intrigue to keep readers attention, Leah took a personal spotlight in this storyline, as she wrestled with her own personal demons. My imagination was stretched as I witnessed Biblical stories and locations come to life, as well as the historical and mythological side being brought to life with such beauty.. Even when you think you have figured out the ending, Ms. Lignor drops one more thing in to surprise you. This has been, and continues to be, one of my favorite series in this genre. I highly recommend Ms. Lignor’s writings. You will not be disappointed.

*A physical copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This one sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for reviewing it, I'm going to go have a look for it right now.


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