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{Review} The Elderine Stone by Alan Lawson

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Book Summary:
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When Jason finds himself running late for school he decides to take a shortcut, a shortcut that will change the course of his destiny and set him off on a journey of self-discovery and adventure.

The Elderine Stone tells the tale of a normal boy who always dreamt of escaping reality, until one day he actually did! Finding himself magically warped into the world of Hasparia, only to discover that he is the Chosen One, destined to destroy a dark evil in the land. Joining up with his friends Emily and Sherbit, they travel together to unlock the truths, whilst at every turn dodge the scope of a mysterious force. Who, as it seems will stop at nothing until their quest has failed!

Mandy's Review:

At less than 200 pages, The Elderine Stone is a quick read. Jason is a likeable character and the reader can't help but to feel some empathy for him and his situation. He lives with his aunt and is an only child. The aunt is somewhat overbearing and can be a little hard on Jason.

The story has a pattern that is very familiar to fantasy readers: Create a main character who is in an undesirable situation and is misunderstood, have them enter a portal into a magical realm where they find out they are actually the Chosen One foretold from generation to generation, and put them on a quest that will eventually (if things work out well) lead them to saving the kingdom. It's a tried-and-true guideline for fantasy stories, especially when the book is for a younger audience as this one is. There was only one part that I didn't particularly agree with. In order not to give a spoiler let me just say that the way two characters make their escape was not very imaginative or believable. I really want to go into detail here, but I don't want to give anything away. For a younger reader, though, who is simply reading for love of the genre, I believe this would be a book they would enjoy.

*An ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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