Monday, February 11, 2013

{Review} 13, Tallent & Lowery: Book One by Amy Lignor

ISBN #: 978-1481136075
Page Count: 294
Copyright: December 1, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

(Taken from back cover)

In 1902, in a dark room on the fifth floor of Carnegie Hall, thirteen people came together to continue a tradition that had been set in stone thousands of years before.

In 2012, Leah Tallent is Head of Research at the New York Public Library. Stoic and stable, brilliant and cynical, she has forever enjoyed her existence among the book stacks. But even with her unparalleled intellect, there was no way to know that on the historic steps between America's famous lions, she would become involved with a crazy man on a fanatical quest.

Gareth Lowery has spent his life searching for the ultimate artifact that he is certain exists. His life's pursuit has been to retrieve twelve keys hidden by men whose job it was to protect the single biggest secret ever kept. To find the keys he must enlist the help of an unwilling guide who, unfortunately, knows much more than he bargained for.

From the first page to the last word, this fantastic duo become immersed in a whirlwind treasure hunt with historical and passionate repercussions. From the strange and eerie Winchester House to the blustery darkness of Loch Ness, Gareth and Leah will quickly learn that the theory of duality is correct: For every bad there is a good and, for Heaven, there most assuredly exists ... Hell.

Charlene's Review:

No-nonsense Leah Tallent works as a researcher for a prestigious library. When Gareth Lowery kidnaps her and demands she follow along on a spiritual quest, Leah must forgo her cynical ways and embrace the unknown, as she and Gareth search for the gates to Heaven. Unfortunately, to get there, they must face the evils of the past and quite possibly, the devil himself.

Written in reminiscence of the National Treasure movies, Leah and Gareth embark on a thrilling journey of riddles and high-tech clues in search of historical documentation that leads to the very gate to Heaven. Richly descriptive throughout, and with compelling dialogues and interactions with the past, this is a top-notch mystery/romance/adventure story that ends entirely too soon.

There is a certain amount of "play" in regards to religious happenings and astrological signs, but if you are not easily offended and take this as the novel it is, Ms. Lignor's sheer imaginative skill is very impressive. Factoring the number 13 and its significance to the world of good and evil makes this just the right amount of supernatural to satisfy the most superstitious. The edge-of-your-seat climax will catch you holding your breath and by the final pages, you will be hooked on the series. I know I am!

5 out of 5 stars, which isn't quite adequate for this tremendous story.

*A paperback copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Charlene - Thank u so much. I am so happy you enjoyed the first book and I hope your readers get a kick out of it too :) Book II is on its way!!!

  2. That was a fantastic review! I'm looking forward to reading this one!


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