Friday, November 30, 2012

{Review} Grey Winter, The Tournament: Book Two by B. B. Griffith

ISBN #: 978-0982481769
Page Count: 292
Copyright: October 1, 2012
Publisher: Griffith Publishing LLC

(Taken from back cover)

Two players have been murdered. Two killers are on the loose. Nothing is what it seems.

The world is awake now. The Tournament has captivated everyone, but no winner can be declared until the mystery of what happened to Team Blue is solved. Meanwhile, three new players are chosen to rebuild the fallen team, but they are young and inexperienced, and instantly targeted. Their survival is dependent upon their existence remaining a secret.

But in the Tournament, secrets are hard to keep.

New alliances are formed, old enemies are confronted, and the truth is finally revealed in Grey Winter, the second installment of the Tournament series.

Charlene's Review:

Grey Winter is the second book in the Tournament series. After the murder of two of the members of Team Blue, or the American team, Grey Winter introduces us to the next group of players. Ellie Willmore, Blue Team captain, and Tom Elrey, the sweeper, are both still in high school. Cyrus Bell, the striker, is a musician. This dubious grouping holds the future of the game in their inexperienced hands.

What began as a team competition has now become a hunt for a murderer. As the new Team Blue begins training, the old rules of the Tournament have faded away, and the Team must learn a new, and more dangerous game. The Russian team, Team Black, is amassing an army, and allegiances are split between old associates of Team Blue between regrouping, and searching for revenge.

This is another exciting, somewhat darker hit novel for B. B. Griffith. Hunger Games better watch out, as The Tournament could be a big-screen blockbuster. The action is vivid, and the character and setting descriptions do not miss a detail. Fast-paced throughout, this is a suspenseful sequel to Blue Fall that leaves you anxious to read the next book. I cannot praise the storyline enough for its "relatability" within its characters and the frenzied activity that keeps you turning the page. The unexpected answers at the end completely made me rethink all I knew about the characters and their motives.

Bring on Black Spring!

*A paperback copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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