Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BintoM's February Winner Is...

The first ever BintoM Monthly Giveaway has ended.  I ended it a week early because of the low responses.  I expected this, to be honest, because of it being the first month doing this and because it was U.S./Canadian only.  I expect the longer I do this giveaway, the more responses I'll receive.  =)

The prize pack for this first BintoM Monthly Giveaway was a copy of The Jane Austen Book Club movie (PG-13; circa 2007) and book (written by Karen Joy Fowler).  Along with the book/movie combo, the winner will be receiving their favorite snack so they have something to munch on during the movie or while reading.

So ... who was the first winner of this new giveaway?  Glad you asked!  The winner is ...

Natasha Larry from Paranormal Wire

Congrats Natasha!!!

Want to know what next month's prize pack is?  Then mark your calendars and come back February 27th - That's when March's BintoM Monthly Giveaway will be posted. 

Oh and, from now on, I'm making this giveaway international.  Woot woot!!!! =)

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