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Review: Triune by Willow Polson

ISBN #: 1453828265
EAN-13: 9781453828267
Ebook Page Count: 321 Pages
Copyright: 2010

About the Author:
(Taken from the last page of ebook)

Willow Polson has been a professional writer and editor for over 20 years, and has five prior non-fiction metaphysical books out through Kensington Publishing of New York.  Triune marks her entry into the world of fantasy fiction, her first love, and she credits Ray Bradbury for giving her permission to follow her bliss.

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(As given to me by the author)

Triune brings readers along on the Mason brothers' shared journey of discovery, because where one brother goes, the other two follow, sometimes kicking and screaming. Not everything is heavenly for these three men tossed into strange new circumstances without an instruction manual, and being an angel isn't as easy as it sounds. But with the thorns there are roses, and for the suddenly-immortal Mason brothers, the journey is only beginning.

My Review:

My oh my .... where do I begin?

I became a fan of Frank Peretti once I read his novel, This Present Darkness.  Anybody that has read it knows it's about Heavenly angels helping humans and fighting the good fight against Satan's minions.  I bring this up because Willow's book Triune brings back that same feeling of awe that I got when I read Frank's novels.

Triune is about three brothers who, one day, get their angelic wings and abilities (not all on the same day, but close enough).  They assist humans who are in life-threatening situations.  They do not fight any evil minions in this novel.  For those that are wondering, yes the brothers are angels, but I would not define this book as Christian fiction.  It is simply a fiction novel about three brothers who turn into angels and complete missions.  There is some foul language in the novel, but not overly so.
I started reading this book this past Friday night.  My intentions were to read the first chapter or two and then begin another book ... as I usually do when reading more than one book at a time.  However, once I started Triune, I literally could not stop.  I had to keep going.  I had to find out what was happening next.  The only time I stopped Friday night was when my eyelids would no longer stay open.  As soon as I woke up Saturday morning, though, I was right back at it.

When I did reach the end of the novel, I was shocked.  The ending just sort of happened all of a sudden on me.  I was so engrossed in reading the novel that I didn't realize I was on the last page.  (Laughing...) As a matter of fact, when I did reach the last page it read, "WHAT? IT'S OVER?"  Reading that took me a few seconds to register that those words were not part of the novel.  When it did register with me, I started talking back to the e-book begging it not to be over so soon.  I even scrolled back and forth between the last two pages to make sure I hadn't missed anything.  I know, I know ... I maybe got a little TOO into it, but I love novels that make me get that way.

I don't even know if I can aptly explain what makes this novel so great ... I love the dynamics between the three brothers.  Their repertoire was natural and felt real.  I laughed with them.  I felt their pain.  I really got the sense that I knew these men.  I think this speaks highly of the author's skills when presenting characters in a story.

This is another novel that has become one of my favorites and I will read it again.  =)  I'm hoping to do a giveaway on this novel after the holidays.  I have been conversing with the author about this and we shall see what becomes of it.  If I happen to not do a giveaway, please please please go buy this book and check it out.  I think you'll like it.

Happy Reading! =)

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