Saturday, September 11, 2010

Looking Through This Reflection

Looking Through This Reflection is my mom's first book.  It is a self-published book thru Publish America.  It is a book of poetry written by Lana during various times throughout her life.

According to Lana, "My poetry allows me to express my pain, sorrow, loss and joy.  Through it all, God has been my anchor.  God has blessed me with family, friends and loved ones who have helped me in this journey of life.  Their impact is echoed in my poetry and how I found myself through it all..."

Even though I may be slightly biased being the author's daughter, I feel that there are many poems in this book that other people will be able to relate to and gather inner strength from.

Happy Reading all! =)


  1. Your mama wrote a book of poetry?! I wanna read it! Where's it available at?

  2. You can click on the Amazon link underneath the picture of the book in the post. =) She wrote another book also. I've yet to read it, but when I do, I'll add a review of it.


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