Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mandy Reviews: The Deflated Generation by Christopher S. Bell

ISBN #: 5800058423135
Page Count: 217
Copyright: May 2011
Publisher: Myideaoffun

Book Summary:
(Taken from back cover)

I could start a support group for people with these thoughts, people with these fears of their neighbors, and these imprints we all left behind on our lawns and sidewalks. I've been trying to notice things blooming the last few days, but have only found the sight of white pedals floating by in the air distracting.

The sun's been getting hotter, while we've all inherited a splotch on our chromosomes. No one has the strength to look for each other anymore. It's a consensus that eventually all moles will creep out of their holes, because they like smiling before getting whacked in the head with a hammer. I'm going to be dead soon, and it's such a shame that so many of my friends are waiting for me to catch up to them.

Mandy's Review:

Let's get the obvious out of the way ... this book is in SERIOUS need of a professional editor! There were spelling errors, letters missing from words, words missing from the sentence and the wrong spelling of words used. I don't have any red pens, but I am sorely tempted to buy some and break one out the next time I get a book this poorly edited.

Okay, now that I have that out of the way, let's get to the storytelling portion of this book ...

The setting is Vermont in the year 2027. Multiple major cities have been bombed and there are very few survivors left in any area. Those that have survived are sun-deprived as they've been holing up underground away from the bombing and any noxious chemicals related to such a disastrous event. There are very few vegetable farms, but marijuana seems to grow in abundance. Everyone, adults and kids alike, seems to always be smoking a joint, lighting up a bong or rolling a new 'cigarette.' If they're not smoking, their drinking. Not much is said about beer, it's mostly wine or rum that people seem to be drinking.

The story focuses mainly around Maggie and Mitch. Maggie lives in the current setting of 2027. While rummaging around an abandoned house, she finds the journal Mitch kept after the bombs destroyed everything. Mitch is from the year 2011. His journal guides Maggie as she searches for clues and assistance to get out of the town she feels stuck in.

Maggie eventually leaves Vermont and heads west with four others. Their journey is somewhat eventful and freeing. There's a surprising end to their story that leaves the reader with hope for them.

What I enjoyed most about this book was the back-and-forth between Maggie's story and Mitch's journal entries. Reading about their lives in a parallel fashion was what kept my interest. I would recommend this book to fiction lovers ... just beware of the major editing issues.

*A paperback copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Hey Mandy, thanks a lot for the review, and I apologize for the grammatical errors. I've always been more of a writer than an editor. Seek out other books in addition to music, videos, etc at www.myideaoffun.org. A Screenplay for Every Season Out June 19th, 2012.

    - Chris


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