Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Charlene Reviews - Echo's Revenge: The Ultimate Game Book 1, V 1.0 by Sean Austin

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Brothers Jeremy (age 10) and Reggie (age 14) are expert gamers. After a run-in with their mother's explosive boyfriend, they run away from home only to discover that Echo-7, a new and indestructible game predator, has developed the ability to reverse the rules of its own video game and hunt them down - in the real world.

Charlene's Review:

Echo's Revenge is a compelling story of sci-fi, techy, young adult adventure. Combining the realistic story of two boys with an abusive stepfather and seemingly clueless mother with a fantastical gaming storyline is sure to make this series a hit with young adults. The subtle lessons in the background, such as Claire's (supporting character) speak to you without being obvious, as when she describes, "Sometimes life has to be a game so you can survive. Then you can think clearly, break a problem down, and manage it."

When Reggie and Jeremy decide to leave home to join their biological father, the suspense heats up. Having been one of a focus group of gamers, Reggie has no idea that the game he has mastered has come to life, and is seeking them out, along with all of the other members of the group. ECHO has chosen the masters of the game to become his "mech-moles" and mine materials to repair his scales. Suddenly, stepdad doesn't seem like such a big deal, anymore.

While I am not a gamer, this was a fun book, filled with excitement. There is even a website you can go to, ( to further the investigation. This was a well thought out book, with vivid details and a fun premise. I plan on gifting it to a few of my young adult gamers. I can only imagine what will happen in Mr. Austin's next book.

For additional info related to this novel, you can follow AAA Reality Games on Twitter by clicking here or check out their Facebook page here. =)

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